Official NCNCA Communications Policy

NCNCA YAHOO! GROUP – This is an official communications tool for the Northern California Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA).  NCNCA is a local association for USA Cycling in Northern California and Northern Nevada. This email list is provided as a way to share race, event, and clinic announcements; news; and discussion of road, track, cyclocross and mountain bike racing in the Northern California & Nevada region.

This list provides a way to ask questions about upcoming races, finding a club to join, or just expressing opinions about the state of racing in the region are very appropriate on this email list. The focus of discussion should be on NCNCA (and USAC) permitted racing events, particularly for Road events where NCNCA has a robust racing schedule.  Exceptions are made for Mountain, Cyclocross and Track racing, to encourage the growth of these disciplines.  The NorCal High School Cycling League is another appropriate topic of discussion, as NCNCA has provided grants to that organization to help it develop the sport.  

Note that the NCNCA list and other sponsored media are not for advertising (races and clinics excepted), lost and found (except at races), for sale items, or looking for someone.  Except as noted above, it is only appropriate for NCNCA/USAC racing topics, preferably ones that apply to or are near our region. Discussion should be civil and not devolve into personal attacks or inappropriate language.  Please conduct your discussions as if they were subject to USAC rule 1N6(b) about the use of foul or abusive language. 

Failure to comply with these requirements will lead to a person’s posting privileges being suspended or terminated, or their ability to send messages to the group may be subject to monitoring and prior approval.  Suspensions and other disciplinary actions may be appealed to the NCNCA Board and are subject to its review.

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