New User's Guide


Welcome to the New NCNCA Website.  We would like to take a few moments to describe the features of this site while also giving you some tips on how to navigate effectively.   The NCNCA website is now based on what is referred to as a Content Management System (CMS) known as Drupal that allows for decentralized administration.  This will allow provide the ability to allow many administrators to make content changes from promoters editing a single box on their race details page to allowing Member Clubs to manage their own miniature team page.  

We are living during an information content explosion and electronic delivery revolution.  This new site will allow for many technology innovations immediately and over time.  Do you want to see any time details change on a particular race, including news about registration opening?  NCNCA’s new CMS-based site has that.  Would you like to know when results are available for a particular race or when a point series has been updated?  Yeah, we can support that too.  What else can it do?  We don’t know yet.  There are literally thousands of applications that have been developed for Drupal, an Open Source platform, that we cannot keep up.


General Navigation

The site is calendar centric with navigation available by clicking on objects or a drop down menu.  From the home page clicking on of the four disciplines (Road, Track, CycloCross, MTB) pictures on the main page you can go directly to the calendar for that discipline.  Alternately, you can click on the miniature calendar to the right of the pictures or the CALENDAR menu item to view an unfiltered calendar containing events from all disciplines.  You can use the two drop downs just above the calendar on the calendar page to limit which events are visible.

The information from the old website has been migrated in part and is in the process of being added to the new site.  The menu items at the top of each screen have dropdown items except for the FORUM menu item which will take you directly to the NCNCA Discussion forum.  Take a moment to hover your mouse over each menu to see the organization of information.  We realize that the new layout will cause initial confusion.  We have provided a link under RESOURCES to the old NCNCA site if there is particular historical information that you need to obtain.  Keep in mind that the old content will not be updated and that it will be removed at some yet to be determined date.

At anytime you can click on the HOME menu item or the NCNCA Logo to return to the home page.


Viewing Race Information

Selecting any race link within the calendar displays the race details screen.  There are six areas on this screen containing consistent information from event to event.  Here you can view generic race information (event name, date, location) as well as results, a registration link and promoter notes.  Need directions to race registration?  We will place the exact address for the registration for each race so you can quickly get the Google Maps link and Google Directions to see where you need to go.


More to Follow

We will update this document shortly to add information about signing up for content change notifications, gaining administrative access and a Member Club Website template among other features as they are added or detailed.


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