NCNCA Women's Committee

If you're interested in serving on this committee, please contact: Kristen Hill (, NCNCA BOD Liaison

Committee Description

The Women’s Committee is a group of 8 women (see bios below) whose main goals are to increase and retain the number of women racers in our district. We think that our diverse backgrounds and interests as racers, team managers, coaches and promoters will enable us to identify factors that make for a more positive race experience for more women, and we will then make some recommendations to the NCNCA to help effect those changes and improvements.

Goals for Committee

Long Term

1. Increase the number of new women racers. 

2. Increase retention of racers especially in categories 4 and 3. 

3. Increase the number of racers that each racer attends. 

4. Quantify all of the above so trends can be identified and measured from year to year.

Short Term

1. Create and distribute survey to all licensed women racers to better determine needs/wants of those now racing.

2. Quantify the results of the survey to help guide decisions as to how to make improvements and/or changes.

3. Create and distribute another survey for women who have left the sport (not renewed their licenses).


Committee Members


Kristen Hill, BOD Liaison

Meredith Nielsen, Co-Chair

Meredith Nielsen is a Wenzel and USAC Level 2 Cycling Coach who has been riding and racing since 1998. She was a founder of the Left Coast Racing Team, a women’s team that was the Best All-Round master women’s team in the Northern California/Nevada Racing Association (NCNCA). A Category 3 criterium and stage race specialist, she raced in more than 120 races all over California.

Now retired from racing, Meredith remains active in the cycling community. She is the 2013 coordinator of the Northern California/Nevada Racing Association (NCNCA) Women’s Mentoring Program for beginning women racers, and has been active as a mentor in the Early Bird Racing Series for the last 5 years.

Meredith has been coaching Bike Skills Clinics for individuals and cycling clubs and teams for the last 5 years. This year she will also be advising the 800 member Feather Pedals cycling group in their 12 week training series for the all-women Cinderella Century on April 4, 2013.  She is available to coach individuals and groups though Wenzel Coaching.

Meredith is the only woman Lifetime Member of the Berkeley Bike Club (BBC) and has been the promoter/co-promoter of the Berkeley Hills road race, BBC Team Time Trial, and BBC Criterium events.

Jill Eyres, Co-Chair

Jill Eyres has been racing since 2008 in California, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  In 2010 she co-founded Team TIBCO II, a highly team-oriented group of Cat 3 and Cat 4 racers committed to positive ambassadorship for women’s cycling.  She mainly races on the road (particularly criteriums), but has competed on the track and in the dirt as well.  In 2011 she was the highest-ranked Cat 4 individual racer in the Bay Area Women’s Cycling series, and finished third overall in the 16-race W4 omnium at Superweek.  Jill is a member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for the City of South San Francisco.  When not on the bike, Jill can usually be found either wielding a T-square at work, or feeding carrots to her horse, Red.  

Brett Ortiz

Brett Ortiz is a Cat 3 entering her sixth year of racing. She enjoys circuit races, crits and cyclocross. Brett began her bike racing career with Zgirls, spent two years on Dolce Vita, and is now serving as president for the amateur women's team, Pacific Crush Racing. When not on the bike, you may find Brett doing crossfit, yoga or tweaking her golf swing.

Monica Nevitt

Sara Stearns

Sarais a newcomer to game of bike racing, contesting just her second full year of road events. "Late to the Game" could be her mantra, because she started racing at the age of 60, with no prior competitive experience. However, it has been her goal since she started cycling to get other women interested and confident in expressing themselves competitively, and she is pleased to be able to lend her voice to that effort. When she is not on the bike, she can be found holding a cyclic at work, and enjoying her dogs and working with her hands in her leisure time.

Gale De Rosa

GaleDe Rosa, is a 45 yr old cat 3 member of Metromint Cycling. She began racing in 2009 at local unrecognized MTB races, moved into Downhill racing in 2010, and then into road racing by the end of that season. Gale uses fitness and the structure of training for competitions to de-stress from her day job as a Frontline Manager of Air Traffic Control Operations at Northern California TRACON.

Stephanie Buckner 

I rode a road bike for the first time in May 2010. I began riding with a group of guys on Tuesday nights and within a few months was encouraged to try racing. I began my racing at the Early Birds Clinic in 2011. I spent 2011 learning, listening, watching, and developing. January 2012 I was involved in a bike accident at the Early Bird clinic which caused a clavicle and scapula fracture. A blessing in disguise as I spent the next few months rehabilitating via indoor trainer and dieting and when cleared, began running and cycling outdoors, and lost 20 pounds in the meantime. Excelled the remainder of the 2012 racing season and went into 2013 fresh and ready to focus and develop even more. With that, I focused on the Red Kite Series and achieved the victory and captured the flag for the Cat 4 Women's Champion, as well as earned my upgrade from a Cat 4 to a Cat 3. During off season, I am focused solely on running, participating in 10ks and half marathons devoted mostly to charity, but also for challenge. I have been blessed for 2014 also as I was one of many amazing women athletes to be a VK VIP. As I will be racing unattached for 2014, this gives me an opportunity to sport the VK jersey as a VIP/ambassador (this is not to be confused with being on the racing team) in races, if I choose to. I am also a member of the WCA. My goal is to promote and support women in any sport, always.

Andrea Atkins

Andrea Atkins'love of cycling began at a young age when she got her first multi-speed bike complete with coaster brake, banana seat, and handlebar basket with plastic daisies on the front. She later upgraded to a Schwinn ten-speed (actually ten!) which became her transportation to and from school. An avid bicycle commuter while attending UC Davis, Andrea completed her first Davis Double Century in 1992 and became hooked on endurance events, finishing countless centuries and 15 doubles over the next 10 years. She made the transition to road racing in 2001, and discovered that she loved the “game of chess on a bike” tactics in criteriums. She holds three NCNCA District Championships: 2004 Master Women’s Crit, 2006 Master Women’s Time Trial, and 2013 Master Women's Team Time Trial. She competed at the USAC Masters National Championships in 2007 and 2011. Now a Cat 2 on the road, Andrea wants to share her love of cycling with other women, and inspire them to discover their passion for the sport. An active NCNCA mentor, she enjoys helping women develop skills and self-confidence so that they can enjoy the spirit of competition and an active, healthy lifestyle.

Lorri Lee Lown

In 2012,Lorri celebrated ten years as a cycling coach. She is the founder of Velo Girls and the Tri-Flow Development Racing Program, and is Head Coach and Bike Fit Specialist at Savvy Bike, where her practice focuses on bike fit and skills instruction. In 2010-2012 she was the Women’s Outreach Coordinator at Sea Otter Classic. She is the road cycling coach for the Specialized Woman Sports Camp in Truckee, CA. She’s been active in a leadership role with USA Cycling (USAC), the Northern California Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA), the Norcal Cycling League, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), AIDS/Lifecycle (ALC) and with Trips for Kids. She’s directed tours, camps, clinics, and other events all over northern CA and is a frequent guest speaker for corporations, bike clubs, and women's organizations. 

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