NCNCA Premier Series Info

The 2014 version of the Premier Series features a classic mix from some of the regions best events on the Road Racing Calendar.  

The Premier Series opens it's count at a later date then past years, on March 21-23 with the exciting Chico Stage Race.  Followed directly by the Turlock Road Race on March 29.  

Overall there is a combination of classic events that represent the special racing of the NCNCA.  The competition will play out & be decided on all types of terrain, roads and routes during the 2014 edition of the series.  

To win the Premier Series will take a certain type of Champion and a special type of Team.  2014 will again prove this fact! 

Road Races with challenging hills are featured, such as the Sea Otter Classic, Wente Vineyards, Berkeley Hills, Mt. Hamilton, Pescadero and Winters.  

Two Individual Time Trials are in play at the Steve Dunlap Mermorial & Sattley events.  

A few super challenging & legendary events of the NCNCA are added- with the Cat's Hill Classic & Nevada City Classic. The tradition of these NCNCA events and the brutal racing exploits of the past have National recognition in U.S.A Road Cycling history.

Speed filled events balance out the Premier Series, with the Town Center Criterium, Tri-Valley Criterium, Burlingame Criterium, Davis 4th of July Criterium, Lodi Criterium, San Rafael Downtown Criterium, Vacaville Criterium and the series final event Giro di San Francisco on September 1.

Team Champions and Top Individuals will receive their cash awards & trophies at the end of season NCNCA Road Awards Banquet, which has progressed and gained status over the past few years.

Overall 20 Events
1 Stage Race
2 Individual Time Trials
7 Road Races
2 Demanding Circuit Races
8 Criteriums Premier Series 2014

March 21-23 Chico Stage Race (Overall)
March 29  Turlock Road Race
April 10-13  Sea Otter Classic Road Race
April 27 Wente Vineyards Road race
April 28 Town Center Crit
May 3 Cat's Hill Classic
May 10 Berkeley Hills Road Race
May 25 Mt. Hamilton Road Race
June 7 Pescadero Coastal Classic Road Race
June 8  Steve Dunlap Memorial TT- (individual TT)
June 14 Tri-Valley Criterium Classic
June 15 Nevada City Classic
June 22 Burlingame Criterium
June 28 Sattley TT- (individual TT)
July 4  Davis 4th of July Crit
July 13 Lodi Criterium
July 26 San Rafael Twilight Criterium
August 23 Winters Road Race
August 24 Vacaville Crit
September 1 Giro di San Francisco

The Premier individual points series for 2014 will be held for:
Elite Pro/1/2 Men
Elite Pro/1/2/3 Women
Masters 35+ 123 Men
Masters 45+ 123 Men   

Racers must be permanent residents in the NCNCA territory, must be licensed as racers with USAC for 2014, and must appear in the USAC database to be eligible to score points.  (allow at least 10 days for USAC to process your license)

UCI Continental Team members are able to participate in the Premier Series (not UCI Professional Continental Teams, or UCI Pro Teams)

The Premier Team Competition will be held for: 
Pro 1/2 Men
Pro 1/2/3 Women

Teams must be NCNCA member teams and USAC registered

Team points will only be accrued after a NCNCA team application is mailed and will not accrue retroactively

If riders change teams during the season, earned points stay with their old team

Riders will earn points for their new teams after their change request is processed by USAC (contact or call 719-434-4200 to have your team affiliation updated in your USAC account)

It is the rider’s responsibility to have the correct team affiliation in their USAC account, no exceptions.

Points are awarded as follows:
1st place: 20 points
2nd place: 16 points
3rd place: 12 points
4th place: 10 points
5th place: 8 points
6th place: 7 points
7th place: 6 points
8th place: 5 points
9th place: 4 points
10th place: 3 points
11th place: 2 points
12th place: 1 point

All races will be scored with winners earning 20 points, etc., regardless of field size.

In Mens P 1,2,3 races, Elite 3 placings will not count towards the Premier Series P 1,2 standings and points for subsequent riders will not be adjusted up.

The individual competition overall standings will be determined by highest cumulative score of the 20 races.

For the team points competition, a team's score will be the sum of the points of their three highest-scoring riders for each race.  Overall standings will be be determined by adding the team scores of all Premier Series races.

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