2012 Elections

Voting for the new members of the NCNCA Board of Directors will begin on Saturday, October 6, 2012. The online ballot will be available before October 6, and the location of the ballot announced by October 5. Each NCNCA Member (club or organization) may cast one vote each for a maximum of nine candidates (up to nine votes total). Members may cast their vote(s) in person during the NCNCA Board Meeting on Monday, October 15, 2012. Voting will end at 7:30pm on that date.

The only person who may cast the ballot (online, or in person) on behalf of a NCNCA Member is the member delegate already designated by the club, as shown at: http://ncnca.org/ncncayear/2012?term_node_tid_depth=22 If an NCNCA Member wishes to have someone else cast their Ballot, the club/organization President must notify: president@ncnca.org or treasurer@ncnca.org as to who will be responsible for casting the Ballot. Please allow 1-2 days to process the change in Member Delegate.

Each Ballot will be verified by the Election Monitor, Alec Berger, the NCNCA Webmaster. The vote count will then be announced after 7:30pm at the Board Meeting on October 15, and the nine people with the most votes will become the new Board. If there are less than ten candidates, every candidate who receives at least one vote will become a Board Member. The new Board will then commence the election of officers, and begin carrying out their business.

CANDIDATES - Click candidate name for their Candidate Statement (if available):


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