Las Vegas marriage ceremonies decreasing during economic downturn

Las Vegas marriage ceremonies decreasing during economic downturn

Las Vegas weddings, where partners can be certified and then hitched within 24 hours for hardly any money, are considered a tradition of that community, and something of an interest. The quantity of those unions has declined, however, as the economic depression has even taken a toll on marriages performed by guys dressed as Elvis. Resource for this article - Elvis in Heartbreak Hotel over decline in Las Vegas weddings by

Fewer people getting married without thinking first

The economic downturn has caused many individuals in Las Vegas to stop showing up. USA Today reports that the housing crash really hurt the Vegas housing industry more than anything else. The Sin City home costs have gotten to their lowest point since 2008 when the housing crash happened.

The homes that are popular are now better than ever. Forbes reports that more visitors have been showing up and higher room rates recorded in the last 15 months showing tourism is increasing. Far fewer tourists are really heading to Vegas for a Las Vegas wedding ceremony.

The vow renewal famous now

Since 2004, the Las Vegas marriages have decreased a lot although 2004 was the peak, according to Bloomberg. There was a decrease to 91,890 in 2010 in Clark County marriage licenses from the 128,250 in 2004.

The chapels in Las Vegas aren't focusing on marriage ceremonies anymore. Now, the "quickie" vow renewal is the new focus. About a 3rd of wedding ceremony chapel business is more about these ceremonies. Elvis will watch while individuals promise to continue to love each other forever. In total, it is estimated that 78 percent of partners that arrive in Vegas are already hitched.

According to Las Vegas ABC affiliate KTNTV, Clark County had planned to issue renewal certificates in order to stimulate business, but as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, once individual Las Vegas wedding ceremony chapels began - of which there are more than 60 - began to produce the documents, the county action became unnecessary.

Individuals love to marry in Vegas

Despite falling wedding numbers, Las Vegas is still regarded the wedding capital of The United States. The "Greenspun family of companies" runs the travel information site It said that of all American marriages, 5.5 percent happen in Las Vegas. explained that the divorce rate in the nation is also highest in Nevada. The "quickie divorces" in Las Vegas are as simple as quickie weddings which are had often. Just a couple hundred dollars are needed to do a wedding ceremony. About $60 per person is needed for the marriage permit. It is unnecessary to do a blood test. Additionally you don't have to wait for any period of time, according to the Clark County Clerk's site.

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