Your input on categories please...

Below are the categories that we are looking to run for the Folsom Crit this year. We are trying pander to all by adding more options for the women, 3's and 4's while giving a separate 5's race. If we separate the 35+ 4/5 and make it just a 4's race only 50 5's can sign up for the day. Conversely, if we make it a 5's only, 50 5's can race but what do the 35+ 4's do? Can I get feedback on the cats below please?

Elite 5
Elite 4
35+ 4/5
Elite 3
45+ /55+
Kids Races
Elite 3/4
W 35+/W 3/4
35+ 1/2/3
W 1/2/3
Pro 1/2/3

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