Before you Vote or Proxy

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A few quick points:

1) The Board does NOT pick nor put limits on members of committees. The contact info for each committee is located here:

Have you contacted the Chair of the committee offering your assistance? NO!

2) The Board is not responsible to monitor the forum to gather your requests, demands and questions. Have you sent a note to asking a question or sent a note to with a suggestion? NO!

3) The process by which these proposals came into being was that the Policies and Procedures Committee made recommendations for determining Officers on the BOD, consistent with widespread practice and the previous recommendations of corporate counsel, Adler and Colvin. The BOD considered these proposals as relevant and reasonable so are now passing them onto the Member Clubs for a vote, as is required by California Corporate Law, since we are seeking to change the constitution/by-laws. The proposed amendments have been communicated for over a month. Have you informed yourself on how NFP Corporations typically constitute their Boards and determine their officers? NO!

4) Notwithstanding your assertion, you WERE told that these two amendments were ahead of a complete set of by-laws being formulated by the Policies Committee. In fact, you previously affirmed your support of these amendments BECAUSE they were imminent. Did you take the last thirty days to honestly engage in discussion of these all-important issues? NO!

5) Nothing is being done last minute except an attempt to include all delegates in the voting. Not everyone can attend the meeting on Monday. The proxy votes can easily and readily be voted in the negative. This is not a new topic. All delegates were informed over thirty days ago of the proposed amendments. There has been plenty of time to consider the proposals. When the BOD distributed the Proxy Statement had anyone previously provided a dissenting opinion? NO! You said you supported it!

6) Your current opposition stands in stark contrast to your previous support with nothing more than "I want answers to all of my questions NOW, or else" as a reason for your current dissent.

Have you asked the Policies and Procedures Committee for clarification or discussion on where they are headed with the by-laws? Again, NO!

It is much easier to now accuse all of your fellow delegates as "mechanical" for not being a fellow conspiracy theorist. Do you have any other delegates that share your dissension? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

Come and get your microphone time on Monday Night. I will personally pay for your gasoline to drive the 130 mile round trip. By the way, I will again make a 350 mile round trip to the meeting.


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