NOW is the time for you to take a plunge and take that RACING SKILLS FUNDAMENTALS CLINIC that your competition has been hollering at you to take! Why, some of those yelling at you are your TEAM MATES!

Racing Skills Fundamentals
Location: CSU Hayward
Time: 9am-2pm
Date: Aug. 23
This five hour, on-bike clinic will focus on sharpening your racing skills, making you more comfortable in the peloton with your bike handling. The end result is you get faster!

You will learn how to work effective pacelines, sharpen your cornering techniques, learn how to take the bumping in stride and how to recover from wheel touching—all elements of becoming an accomplished racer. You will come out of this clinic with the confidence needed to handle most racing situations.

NOTE: Category upgrade: 5 to 4 = 5 race experiences, 4 to 3 = 3 points

This is the last clinic I am putting on for the 2009 Season. Take the clinic - learn the skill - practice during the off-season by yourself or with team mates - start 2010 with CONFIDENCE. Your friends, competition and team mates will be glad you did!!!

You can register at this link:

I really do look forward to working with you!

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