Would you buy breakfast if...

Hey now,

Those that plan on attending the Central Valley Classic NRC stage race, we've had a very generous offer from the residents of Raymond, CA, the start/finish for the Granite Road Race on Friday.

They would like to provide a breakfast (for a nominal fee) for those that are coming out to park in their yards and around their town.

However, they don't want to prepare a whole bunch of food if nobody would be interested.

So, is there any interest in this? First field is off at 9:00 am (Pro/1 men), so there's plenty of time to get there early and chow down on flapjacks, potatoes, fruit, whatever.

By the way, their memories are short, the fine citizens of Raymond have forgiven and forgotten the transgressions of past races, and are excited about hosting a race in their community again.


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