WOMEN'S RIDING and RACING CLINIC October 25 & 26, 2008

WOMEN'S RIDING and RACING CLINIC October 25 & 26, 2008

Four sessions of valuable riding and racing skills taught by Wenzel Coaches - Taitt Sato, Laurel Green and Kathleen McCormick. Learn to safely and effectively race road races and criteriums, as well as gain comfort and be safer on the bike on group rides. All levels welcome. Participate in one or more sessions. Register early and receive a free water bottle. Afternoon on-bike sessions earn upgrade points.

Session 1 Classroom – Theory of Training: Saturday, October 25 (8:30AM - Noon). Learn how to create a periodized, scientific training plan; set up heart rate zones; build endurance, power and speed; identify strengths and weaknesses, assess potential, and use different types of training for specific benefits.

Session 2 Outdoor – Ride Skills: Saturday, October 25 (1:30PM - 4:30PM). Gain comfort on the bike in a controlled setting. Learn and practice bumping, no-hands riding, bunny-hopping, sumo-cycling, emergency slow and stop, eating and drinking, close-quarters riding, how to avoid crashes, holding and protecting position. Bike games and prizes!

Session 3 Classroom – Introduction to Team and individual Tactics, Nutrition for Endurance Athletes: Sunday, October 26 (8:30AM - Noon). Learn about attacking, counter attacks, blocking, bridging, chasing, lead-outs, controlling races and how to win with intelligence and planning. Nutrition for cyclists will talk about how much and what to eat for optimal performance. We will discuss carbs, fats, protein, supplements, glycemic index, weight loss and gain. Body fat and race weight determination offered to participants.

Session 4 Outdoor – Racing Skills: Sunday, October 26 (1:30PM - 4:30PM). Learn and practice close group riding, cornering at speed, sprinting, drafting, pacelining, echelons, shooting gaps, and much more.

All sessions meet at Pegasus Bicycle Works at 439 Railroad Avenue Danville, CA 94526. Bring bike, helmet and riding gear for afternoon on-bike sessions. Arrive 8AM for morning sessions and 1PM for afternoon sessions. Bring warm clothing for morning sessions (we will be outside). Attend both afternoon on-bike sessions to receive USCF upgrade points: Cat 4 to 3 - 5 points, Cat 3 to 2 - 3 points. No points for one session only.

3 Ways to Register (Be sure to specify which sessions you are attending)

•By Mail: Send a note and check to: Wenzel Coaching Women's Race Clinic, 4291 Fair Ave., Oakland, CA 94619.
•By E-mail: Send credit card information (include card number, expiration, zip code and street address) via e-mail to taittsato@wenzelcoaching.com.
•By PayPal: Make payment to Payment@WenzelCoaching.com.

Cost: Each session costs $40 or $150 for all 4 sessions. Free water bottle if you register by October 18, 2008. For further information e-mail Taitt Sato at taittsato@wenzelcoaching.com. Go to http://www.WenzelCoaching.com to learn more about Taitt Sato, Laurel Green, Kathleen McCormick and Wenzel Coaching.

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