Women's 4 Prizes

After attempting to collect her tshirt at a recent race, one of our riders was told that there are no prizes for Cat 4 women because of a new USCF rule against prizes for beginning categories.

I could only find mention of youth and Cat 5 men in the rule book in regards to prize limitations.

Has anyone heard anymore about this?

Considering the size of the Cat 4 women's fields, the lack of a Cat 5 for women (needed in NorCal but what you gonna do?) and the difficulty in upgrading from 4 to 3 as opposed to 5 to 4, I would hardly consider Cat 4 an entry category in the same vein at Cat 5 men.

But if there is such a rule, I will take my beef up with USA Cycling. If there is not such a rule, then I would question why the lack of prizes for this large participant category.


Sabine Dukes
Velo Bella (we need more tshirts!)

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