Women's 3 Prizes at the Giro di SF

As though a dedicated category just for Cat. 3 Women wasn't enough reason to get out to the Giro and race, Metromint Cycling is happy to announce that Williams Cycling has generously donated a brand new racing wheelset as a first prize for the Women's 3 race at the Giro di San Francisco on Labor Day!

Please head over to http://www.williamscycling.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=6 to check out the wheelset.

Ladies, make sure to come out and race on Labor Day -- show your support for single-category races so that there will be more of them! Please spread the word to any and every women you know, especially Category 3 and 4 women.

More information about the Giro is available on the Metromint Cycling website, http://metromintcycling.com/?giro_mm_prelease2.

Elis Bradshaw
Metromint Cycling


About Williams Cycling
Williams Cycling is a direct-to-customer wheel systems company. We
specialized in the design, development and distribution of world class
bicycle wheel systems. All sales are direct via the internet. You can
reach us at http://www.williamscycling.com

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