Women Pro/1's

Just to generally answer the inquiry of several Pro/Cat.1 women who are not included in the Napa River Velo GP categories. (We are offering a W2/W3 split results race to give those cat's a welcome change). There are options available for the W P/1's:

1K2. Women may enter any men’s race for which they are eligible by age, category, and any performance requirements. They may also enter categorized races for men that are up to one category lower than their women's category. For road, track, and cyclocross events, category 1 women may enter men‟s races up to two categories lower. In addition, category 4 and 3 women who are 35 or older may compete in Masters races for all riders up to 20 years greater than their racing age, subject to other eligibility requirements.

So, if you are less than 35, you may enter the Elite Pro/1/2/3 race or the Elite 3 race. If you are 35 or over, you may enter any Elite or Master race you please except the 4's and master 4's.

I'm sure Case will correct me if I've erred.

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