Women, learn to race this summer!

happy summer! by this point, you've probably had several solid months on the bike, completed a century or two, and are thinking "what's next?" don't let another year pass you by wishing you'd learned to road race.

Velo Girls has just the program for you if you've tossed around the idea of racing -- the Tri-Flow Women's Development Racing Program. in this award-winning, innovative, learn-to-race program, you'll work with a small team of other women just like you -- women who are ready to challenge themselves to try something new. you'll meet with the team twice a week -- once for high-intensity training and once for endurance and skills training. you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully complete your first road race -- and hopefully continue racing during the summer months. and you'll be supported with expert coaching, a team kit (jersey + shorts), a training plan, and email support.

I'm especially excited about an addition to the program for this summer! Kristin Keim, JFKU Doctorate candidate in Clinical Psychology/Sport Psychology Graduate, will be interning with Velo Girls. the mental part of the sport can be equally as challenging as the physical aspect, and Kristin will help you conquer your demons and perform at your best mentally.

since it's inception in 2006, 71 women have participated in the Tri-Flow program. many of these women have continued racing (as CAT2 - CAT4 and masters racers). so what are you waiting for? email coaching@velogirls.com for more information. or click on over to https://www.signmeup.com/68201 and register now!

consider this your personal invitation to challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible!

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