To Women 4's, HPV's, Juniors and Counterclockophobes:

First of all, what a GREAT DAY OF RACING it was on Sunday at Cherry Pie!!! Wow.

This was my first race as Director, and I learned a lot. In priority order:

First: Get that insane Zebraman OFF THE MIKE!!!

Second: Don't mix the 4's with the Elite women, even with separate prizes and finishing points. The surviving group of 4's got pulled and never got to sprint, and I feel really bad about that. They really worked hard. Sorry, gals. But there's still the historical problem of the W1/2/3 & W4 races not filling up. But I may have the solution for next year ... see below.

Third: If you're going to be the first event in the junior points series, be ready for increased enrollment next year with separate fields, and give them a decent length race.

Fourth: Sorry, HPV/Recumbents. There is absolutely no room for a novelty field with the demographics of NorCal racing.

Fifth: COUNTER-CLOCKWISE!! Oh, my -- What a call!! This course was fantastic for the racers and so much better for the spectators. Turn One was a full-on, eggs on the table BLAST and the finishing hill was just awesome.

Sixth: The 45/55+ 3/4 race was great! As always. Good, even competition. (So great to see Darryl spanking the field!)

Seventh: Separate out the 5's and mentor them. No combining of 5's in other fields. There's really no good argument to the contrary.

Eighth: Don't tease Michael Hernandez and keep him flowing in good wine, 'cause he's an influential uber-blogger.

If the NCNCA permits it and if I repeat as R.D., we'll run 7:30 to 4:30, add a W3-4 field earlier in the day so some women can race twice like we guys get to, and lengthen the junior 15-16 and 17-18 races.

And once again, I'm sorry to everyone who did not have the rockin' great time I did on Sunday for whatever reason. Lets' try again next year!!!


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