Why Is Sea Otter So Messed Up?

The registration process for Sea Otter just seems to get worse and worse. You now have to buy a $10 one-day license for every race you enter (which will supposedly be refunded when you show up with your license), you can't enter more than one race at a time (you have to redo the entire registration process for each race), and the receipt I got after registering shows a different date and time than the race I supposedly registered for.

And don't get me started on the schedule. The juniors road and circuit races are on Friday and Sunday, necessitating at least two nights in a motel room. OK, maybe this is better than last year's juniors Thursday and Friday road races. Apparently they have realized that most juniors are still in school.

But doesn't anybody down there listen to the annual gripe fests about Sea Otter? Are they trying to come with more reasons to skip this event?

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