Why don't we change the way the 5's fields are run?

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casey wrote:The problem isn't that new racers should start racing in January when the Early Birds are happening ( after all the Early Birds can't deal with 700 first time racers). The problem is we don't have 2 or 3 additional Early Bird type series going on at different points during the year. With over 960 Cat 5s in the region I would think that it would be easy to fill a 50 rider Cat 5 field at just about any time during the year.

Of course I know about time limitations and promoters having to pick and choose what categories they offer. I'm just pointing out that there are ore than enough Cat 5s to fill a cat 5 only field at this time of the year.

We've already eliminated prizes from the 5's fields...

Lets' take the 5's out of the other fields.
Lets' have mentoring in all 5's races, thus making them more instructional and less competitive -- like the Early Birds. I loved mentoring at the EB's, and I would gladly do so at crits -- even when I'm competing in other divisions.
Perhaps promoters could offer an hour of off-course instruction at some of their crits, especially the business park crits where traffic is a nominal issue.

A second Early Bird series, even an abbreviated one, would require a great risk from a promoter, and sacrifices from mentors who could be racing elsewhere. It's probably not a practical idea, unless the NCNCA dedicates its calendar strategically to make it succeed.

Certainly it's worth discussion.

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