Why does Velo Promo split fields?

This is not meant to be another flame Velo Promo thread, I really appreciate all of the racing opportunities they provide, but it doesn't make sense to me and I was hoping that someone could clear this up. I understand that due to narrow roads field sizes have to be limited, but if they know that a field will fill up and will need to be split, why not split it into 2 different catgories before we enter?

At Ward's Ferry for example, there was originally just one race with a 50 rider limit for all age 4's and 5's, the largest groups in our region.

Then, after the race filled up as everyone knew it would, they add a 2nd 4/5 field. Why didn't they just initially separate us into 2 races such as 4's and 5's, or Elite 4/5 and Masters 4/5?

My problem with the field splitting is that I go to these races planning to be in the same race as my teammates, but then we end up in separate races and can't work together.

At the early bird RR I had 7 teammates who I had planned to race with, and we all entered within the first 50 riders in the 35+ 4/5 group. At the last minute, they decided to split the field after the first 40 numbers, so I was in the first race ant my teammates were all in the 2nd. That really took the fun out of the race for me, and if we're not out there having fun, why do we even bother? :D


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