When push comes to shove ...

Perhaps it's just that I'm relatively new to the sport, but the Wente Crit 45's race has left me scratching my head about something.

During the race I was physically pushed aside by another rider in the peloton, causing me to swerve slightly and endanger the rider on my left (who remarked to me about it). I wasn't happy about it, and I said so (with due respect, I thought) to the accomplished racer who'd pushed me.

Following the race, in the several conversations I had with folks from other teams, at least three mentioned being physically moved or pushed by the same racer, and in instances verbally challenged as well.

This particular racer is an accomplished cyclist, but his reputation is firmly and consistently in accord with these anecdotes from Wente. So I'm just left wondering:

Do people cut him more slack because of his prowess? He's still a danger to everyone in the peloton (e.g. 500m to go at Wente). Are people reporting him?
Does the USCF/NCNCA do anything about such reports?

It will not surprise me (based on the recent thread regarding head-slaps at Santa Rosa) if this guy finds his impertinent shove met shortly with a backhand in his face. It's not the answer, but if so many people are complaining about him and nothing's being done to discipline him, at some point the payoff will inevitably come from within the peloton.

So ..... Who IS to blame when it does??

Jesster (formerly Zebraman)

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."
- Bob Dylan

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