Wheels taken from Madera Crit Pit

I'm sure this was just someone grabbing the wrong wheels, thinking they were theirs. My wheels were taken from the pit today at the Madera Crit, sometime during or just after the 45/55+ race.

They were Mavic Aksyums. Front tire was red and black, rear tire was a black Ritchey Race Slick. Cassette was Shimano 10. Skewers were black Shimano XT skewers. Quite the unique set of wheels.

Oh, and yes, I did get a flat. I grabbed a teammate's wheel. One lap later, he flatted, so I stopped gave him his wheel back. I'm sure I'll be laughing about this someday. Maybe someday after my wheels are returned.

If you know of someone who accidentally grabbed someone else's wheels, I'd sure like to see them again.


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