Wheels Stolen From Madera Crit

Mens 45-55+ Crit Race
I left my wheels in what I thought was the Taleo natural wheel pit and someone walked off with them. The wheel set was Mavic Ksyrium SSC, polished aluminum rims, straight-laced bladed forks. The tires were Vredestein Tricomp, reddish-pink in color. I really cant' believe that someone would steel another persons wheels, especially at a race. I could understand in public, but at a race! How are we supposed to race, knowing that our wheels might be stolen from the wheel pit, it's crazy. If any one picked these up by mistake, please return them. We had someone else’s and gave them back to the right owner; wish someone would do the same for me.
925-719-3652 please call if you have any info on the where abouts of my wheels. :(

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