What year was this: San Rafael Crit

This really dates me.

I'm trying to find a videotape I have of a long lost edition of the San Rafael Crit for a friend. Problem is, I can't quite remember what year it was - this would help me greatly as I search through the stacks of videotapes I have of the old races. I think it was '89 or '90. There were guys from the old Spectrum Cycles (yes, THAT Spectrum, which the ride gets its name from) and Wheelsmith teams in the race, along with a dude riding for Softride.

Coors Light won the race. I believe Scott McKinley and Chris Huber lapped the field, and I think Roberto Gaggioli joined them late in the race. Or maybe it was a different combination of the three.

I believe Linda Brenneman (Team Kahlua) won the women's event that year as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Casey? Maybe Scott is out there on the list?


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