Wanted: Early adopters for new registration service

Hello NCNCA promoters,

As some of you may know, Jeff and I have been using our background in large-scale web application development to build an entirely new online registration system with the help and advice of local luminaries like Ron Castia. We're gearing up to launch and we're looking for the first few events to launch with.

We think you're going to be impressed with Voost (http://voo.st/) when you see it, but just to give you a quick idea what we're offering:

* REALLY low fees - in many cases about $1 per ticket less than bikereg / usacycling.
* A modern, attractive user interface.
* Graceful enforcement of USAC eligibility rules based on your license.
* Payments paid directly into a free, FDIC-insured account you control - no risk of another website going under and taking your money with it.
* Automated workflow to manage refunds.
* Very easy to for participants to register friends & family at once.
* A bulletproof system that can handle tens of thousands of registrations per minute and, should catastrophe strike, automatically failover to data centers in other parts of the country (seriously).
* Enough features to make this email very long if I kept going.

We are looking for early adopters who want to be part of the first wave of events run with Voost. We add features literally every day - this is an opportunity to help direct that process.

If you are a promoter with an upcoming USAC event, or know someone who is, please get in touch with us by emailing:



Jon Stevens and Jeff Schnitzer

Voost LLC

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