VP Topic...Grants

Handling grants has been listed as a job the VP handles.

I have some ideas about what that means, and changes in policy to how they have been handled in the past.

As I participate more with the board and the NCNCA, I am learning more about grants that have never seem to make the public eye. It appears that grants have been awarded and offered to only a few who are in the know.
I know for a fact that our current board is working hard to change some of operating procedures that have been handed down from the early years of the NCNCA. The current board is doing a fantastic job of making the NCNCA more transparent and ultimately more fair to it's members (that would be you).

My feeling on grant programs is that they should have the potential of being available for all the member clubs to compete for. Qualifications should be established and published publicly with a clear explanation of the application process.

The grants themselves should be developed to aid areas where subsidies will do the most good and encourage better race quality and safety.

Just one example:
The officials are pushing to make moto refs at all races a requirement. This is not likely to happen this year, it is only being recommended at this point.
I have spoken with the head ref for my race, and they make some valid points, but there is a big concern of cost as it adds potentially $400 to the cost of putting on the race.
Some of the races in our district can afford to absorb this cost, others, specifically a district championship and races in outlying areas may not be able to.
A good use of grants would be to cover the cost of the moto-official in cases when a race has a low level of attendance and would not have the revenue to support the extra cost.
Other situations would be races that have very high permit costs as some cities and counties impose substantial fees.

The point is, grants should be defined by the board and not a club or other individual creating the grant themselves without other clubs being able to compete for it.
If there is grant money available, everyone should have an opportunity to apply for it, not just those on the inside track.

Times are changing and we have new fresh ideas and strong leadership in our current board. It's important that the VP be in alignment with the new direction of the NCNCA and not hold onto the old ways of doing business.
The NCNCA is becoming more transparent and replacing an outdated constitution with well written by-laws as required for non profit status. Many improvements are underway.

Thanks for reading,
Ron Castia
Candidate for VP

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