VP topic #2: volunteers vs. jobs

NCNCA is a mix of paid and volunteer staff, you can pull up last year's budget to get a sense of how that sorts out. The 2010 budget is still open, and there have been some changes to job descriptions and new people involved since last year. So the board as part of budgeting needs to make decisions about how much of our available funds to put towards this, and as part of that - which roles are paid and which are volunteer.

In some cases it's easy because some roles are clearly jobs and always have been jobs (if anything, raises may be overdue). At the same time it's common for nonprofits to have all-volunteer boards with real work shifted to paid staff. If NCNCA goes that route some officers that were paid in the past might not be in the future.

As VP do you expect to be paid, or do you see this as a volunteer role? What do you think the policy of NCNCA should be about volunteers vs. paid staff?


2010 NCNCA Treasurer
Co-director, Golden Gate Velo

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