VP topic #1: conflicts

A month into this and it's obvious to me that 90% of the board stuff we have to do this year has little to do with biking (the VP is one of the four "Executive Board" members who vote on most things). Realistically we'll spend a lot more time and effort on nonprofit governance questions than we will talking about upgrades and Cat 5s in the masters.

I am going to throw out some actual voting/discussion issues that would put any normal person to sleep, but we have to deal with them this year.

Issue number one: conflicts policy.

The VP has some oversight of NCNCA grants, which might total over $25k. All three candidates could end up with conflicts because of that, whether it's a grant for a race you're running or deciding how much money to put towards mentors or who knows what. It will be impossible to avoid conflicts because NCNCA will always be run by people who have a foot in bicycle racing.

As VP would you accept an NCNCA policy that said the VP and his club or company can't be the recipient of any NCNCA grants? It would apply as well to anyone in a similar position as officer/board. That would mean serving these roles forfeits some money. If that's way too extreme, what should the policy be?


2010 NCNCA Treasurer
Co-director, Golden Gate Velo

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