VP Candidate confusion

Jess ran for VP in the original election. Jess resigned from that election, giving this statement:

"The writing is on the wall, Lorri, and I don't like what it says, nor how you
choose to read or ignore it at your whim. Since I believe it is likely that you will be the next President, and since you have made it very clear to me that the proverbial buck will not be permitted to stop with you or your choice of running mate, and since I do not relish the idea of a member being unapologetically slandered whenever he/she may raise an issue with which you or your Second-In-Command disagree, I do not believe your Board is the appropriate place for me to serve the NCNCA. We apparently have inconsistent approaches, if not values.

I therefore respectfully withdraw my name from nomination as Vice President."

When Jess declared his intent to run in this special election he made this statement concerning his earlier resignation:

"Although in December I withdrew from the election for VP, I believe that the difference I had that precipitated that move is no longer pertinent given Mike's decision."

Jess first states that he cannot work with Lorri because of her approach, values and lack of accountability ("Buck does not stop with you").

I would think a STATED inability to work with the sitting President as VERY pertinent. In fact, I believe it is a disqualifying condition. In contrast, Ron Castia claims to have an outstanding working relationship with Lorri.

His explanation is not logical. Inquiring minds want to know . . .

Has Jess resolved these differences with the current president? What has changed to make working together now 'appropriate'? It cannot be Michael's departure as had Jess been elected Michael would not have been on the board. Clearly his issue was [is?] with Lorri who is now doing an outstanding job in her new role.

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