Volunteers needed for testing


Rocktape Performance Institute
4987 Cherry Ave San Jose CA
United States
34° 9' 35.748" N, 117° 28' 55.3836" W

Hello NCNC members.

Some of you may be familiar with Rocktape which is a local company born at Hellyer and the hills of Los Gatos. Since its inception in 2009, Rocktape has grown and now has offices in the UK and AU. There are over 6,000 medical pros now using Rocktape products. You can check us out at rocktape.com.

We've been working on a particular tape application for TTing and we'd like to clinically test the results. We're looking for 8-10 riders who are elites and are willing to do some riding on a trainer, with and without tape.

The intent is to publish the results in several medical journals and trade mags.

Here's what we're looking for:

1. Athletes should be in race-ready shape. Cat 1-2-Pro level.

2. Testing will occur at Premier Spine and Sport at 4982 Cherry Ave San Jose, off Almaden Expway.

3. Testing will occur in the evening when convenient for the athlete.

4. Testing will span over 1-2 weeks and there will be about 2-3 sessions per athlete.

5. The test will measure output over a 15K course. With warmup and testing, each session will take 20 min warm up + 20-30 minutes per test.

6. Riders should have their own trainer and power system.

So basically we're looking for a couple of nights from riders that will last about 1 hour.

Let us know if this might be of interest. If you know of riders that would be willing to participate in the test, feel free to forward this on to them.



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