Vacaville Tech Geek results

I think we set a new standard for tech geekness in getting results posted at Vacaville. On the officials stand instead of hand writing out the results I entered the results into a spreadsheet and saved the results as a csv file. Then instead of having to find someone to run the results down to Reg I emailed the results to Ken Hernendez who was doing the results. Ken would get the emailed file and then import the results into the Sportsbase race day program and then print out the results.

This system worked because Ken could leech Wifi where he was at Reg and I had my wireless broadband card. The nice part about this program is a person only had to enter the results once so we cut down on the number of possible input mistakes. Also Reg didn't have to try and read the poor handwriting of the officials ( another source of possible mistakes). The officials didn't have to call down to Reg to send someone up to get results, or we didn't have to try and find a rider who was heading down by Reg to take the results down for us. Overall I think we speeded up the at race results process and had more accurate results.

This process can work at a number of upcoming races if we have people at Reg and the finishline who have wireless broadband cards. Something promoters of races might want to think about when you have a finishline that is separated from the Reg/results posting area.

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