USCF Town Hall meeting during Nationals

Hopefully all USCF riders have seen the email from USAC re the town hall meeting to be held at Nationals. Since everyone will not be going to nationals, or will be able to attend the town hall meeting even if they do go to national, I was thinking we could kick around the two major topics. If there is some kind of consensus we can forward our thoughts onto the USCF Board of Trustees.

The Two main topics of the town hall meeting appear to be.

Upgrade system for Juniors - are changes needed from the current system.

Jr Nationals - Some field filled up and some top juniors may have been left on the side lines. Should there be heats held at nationals to accommodate larger number of riders or should we go back to some kind of local/regional qualifying system and make riders qualify for nationals like has been done in the past.

Another topic will be how to recruit more younger riders into the sport and how to keep the ones we currently have.

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