USAC elections start today

Voting opens today for the various USAC elections. Of local interest is that Tom Simonon is seeking re-election to the USCF Board of Trustees.

If you read a number of the candidate statements of people running for the USCF board you see read about all the great programs people want to help establish when they get on the USCF board. While these are nice thoughts the problem is that the USCF board is basically just a rules committee. The USCF board doesn't have any power to spend money, hire anyone or fire anyone. The only thing the USCF Board has any power to directly control are USCF rules and choose who the USCF representatives should be to the USAC Board of directors. it is the USCF Board of Directors that has all the power since they can control the organizational budget and hire/fire the CEO of USAC. Most of the work to develop and run programs is done at the staff level.

Last night the NCNCA endorsed Tom Simonson for re-election to the USCF Board of trustees. To cast your vote in the election sign onto your USAC account page and click the vote link.

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