Update on Women's Fields at Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix

Hey, ladies! We've got great races this weekend and we'd like to see you out there.

Right now we've only got six CAT3 women registered.

The CAT4 women's race is looking pretty good with a total of 20 women (including 9 in the masters field). There are two separate podiums in the CAT4 women's race -- and each pays out cold hard cash five places deep!

It would be great to fill both the CAT3 and CAT4 women's fields! How often do we get separate races -- let's make the most of it.

CAT1 & CAT2 women -- we want you too! Although we don't have a separate race for you, you're invited to race with the CAT3 men at 10:00am. We'll have a separate cash prize for the top placing woman in that race in addition to the standard 5-deep podium.


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