Uninhibited Racing for 2008!!

For the 2008 crit racing season, Cycles Gladiator Wine and the V.O.S. Racing Team will proudly present the First Annual 'Uninhibited Racer Awards' for the most "aggressive" racers in each of the eight major categories at participating criteriums in the Northern California region. (Pro/1/2, E3, E4, W1/2/3, W4, 35+ 1/2/3, 35+4/5, 45+)

Throughout the 2008 racing season, Cycles Gladiator Wine and V.O.S. will offer a bottle of fine vintage wine for each of eight categories of participating criterium races to the rider whose performance in that race best exemplified the vivacious, uninhibited style of a true "Cycles Gladiator."

The winners will be judged by criteria to be set by the individual race promoters. The wine will be awarded at or near the conclusion of the race. All racers may compete for the title, but only racers 21 years of age or older are eligible for the wine prize.

The winners' names will be recorded on a special web page devoted to the competition, hopefully with pictures of the Gladiators in "combat."

At the conclusion of the season, Cycles Gladiator Wine and VOS will award the title of "Uninhibited Racer" to the individuals who were the most aggressive Gladiators in each of the eight categories.

The following crits have already decided to participate:
Cherry Pie
Norlund Crit (Santa Rosa)
Tri-Flow Menlo Park
Albany Crit
Benicia Crit
Chico Crit

Teams and promoters who wish to have their event included in the 2008 competition should contact Zebraman at jraphael@co.napa.ca.us. There is neither cost nor obligation to have the awards for your event.

Dedicated to having MORE FUN ... oh yeh, baby..... V.O.S. Racing Team and Cycles Gladiator Wine!

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