Under the thumb of the military

This is a question for VP primarily but thought I would post it here because i know there are a lot of people in the same predicament.

With the popularity of the sport rising every year it seems that races are selling out faster and faster, heck snelling cat 4 field filled up a month and a half out. so much for the days of,man i am feeling good this weekend, lets go sign up the morning of.

Anyway, me being in the military, my schedule isnt a typical 9-5 with maybe having to go on the occasional saturday and am routinely called up to leave within 48 hrs notice. This is where my question comes from, is there anyway to prereg and then if i know i am not going to be able to make it get my money back or sell my slot to another person? I know someone jokingly brought up that these slots are going to start being auctioned on ebay but it is almost coming down to that but I can't not pas up pre-reg any more or I wont have any opportunity to race this year.

So what are my options, if any? thanks

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