Tri Valley Velo Racing Team – Membership Opportunity

As the 2010 road season winds down, the TRI VALLEY VELO RACING TEAM has begun accepting applications to expand our organization for the 2011 season. Tri Valley Velo is currently focused as a Masters Category 4 (road) team that is approximately evenly divided between (age) 35+ members and 45+ members. We are vigorously seeking to expand both groups with active participating members. As we anticipate some of our members moving up in the ranks in the near future, we have additionally agreed to make limited space available to develop a core group of Category 3 and Elite Category 4 racers, if the right candidates surface. This will be done with an eye to organically develop those teams further in future years and support a progressive path to achieve your best results. The team actively supports and participates in Road, Track, and Cyclocross events.

The Tri Valley Velo organization recognizes that family and career obligations often take precedence over racing and other activities. The team seeks members that commit to finding a balance that allows these obligations to successfully coexist with the interests of the team. To this end, the following team requirements have been developed for the 2011 season.

• Commitment to race in at least five of seven pre-defined focus races or ten races of your choice

• Commitment to maintain a “team first” mentality

• Commitment to work at the team sponsored Criterium and possibly additional events

• Commitment to regularly participate in team training rides and other functions

• Commitment to represent our sponsors in a positive light – we select our sponsors very carefully and value our relationships with those select business partners

• Commitment to be a quality human being and treat others (including competitors, race officials, promoters, volunteers, and bystanders) with respect

• Commitment to have fun riding your bike, remember that we ALL want to return home safely to families and careers, and generally go through life with a positive outlook and optimistic view.

If you think that that the Tri Valley Velo Racing Team might be a good fit for your growth in the sport, you are urged to send your contact information, a few lines about your racing aspirations and why you think you would fit well within our organization, and your racing history (USAC members may attach a link to their history page) to:

A quick note on the racing history request:

While results are always impressive and important, we are primarily looking at an established history of participation. This is simply the first step in the process. Once received you will be invited to join us for a couple of training rides so we can mutually determine if our squad is right for you. What you will find here is a small group of strong and competitive riders, but also a group of good teammates and friends that work to support the greater goals of the group. When accepting new members, we value quality over quantity. However quality may be viewed in ways that transcend your palmarès. Our inaugural season has exceeded our expectations and consequently our goals are consistently evolving. But we think we are purposely building something pretty great here and are looking for new teammates to advance the process.

Let’s get together and build something we can all be proud of and that will last for years.

Best regards,
Steve Rosefield
Membership Director
Tri Valley Velo – Home of the PG&E Criterium

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