Tri Valley Velo Criterium offering NCNCA District Champion and Returning Champion Discounts - Registration closes TODAY!

I was asked today what our policy is regarding discounts for NCNCA District Champions. Frankly I hadn’t entertained the thought until asked. So here is what we will do:

All Current NCNCA Criterium Champions and all returning champions from the 2010 PG&E Criterium may register online (CLOSES TODAY!) and receive a refund on their initial race fee of $17 when they pick up their number on race day. District Champions race in their Champion Kit to receive the discount.

Here is the list of qualified recipients:

Returning Champions
PG&E 2010 Champion - E3 Ryan Gadow   
PG&E 2010 Champion - E4 Patrick Thomas   
PG&E 2010 Champion - M35+ 4 Joseph Staron   
PG&E 2010 Champion - M45+ 4 Rick Kile   
PG&E 2010 Champion - E5 Jayce Bell   
PG&E 2010 Champion - M35+ 1/2/3 John Trefethen
PG&E 2010 Champion - M45+ 1/2/3 Gregg Betonte 
PG&E 2010 Champion - M55+ 1/2/3 Joe Saunders 
PG&E 2010 Champion - Pro 1/2 Philip Mooney 
PG&E 2010 Champion - W4 Michelle Melka   

NCNCA District Champions
Category Criterium
Junior Boys 10-12 Jacob Drummond
Junior Boys 13-14 Matthew Valencia
Junior Boys 15-16 Alex Howard
Junior Boys 17-18 Eamon Franck
Junior Girls 10-12 Ashley Ambrisko
Junior Girls 13-14 Katrina Howard
Junior Girls 15-16 Page Robertson
Junior Girls 17-18 Ruth Winder
U23 Men Evan Huffman
U23 Women Megan Melack
Cat 1/2/3 Men Evan Huffman
Cat 4 Men Nicholas Harter 
Master Men 30-34 Nicholas Oliver
Master Men 35-39 Chad DeMasi
Master Men 40-44 Dean LaBerge
Master Men 45-49 Eric Saltzman
Master Men 50-54 Jonathan Laine
Master Men 55-59 Mark Caldwell
Master Men 60-64 Mark Rodamaker
Master Men 65+ Richard Shields
Master Men 70-74 N/A
Master Men 75+ N/A
Cat 1/2/3 Women Katheryn Curi Mattis
Cat 4 Women N/A
Master Women 30-34 Mary Elizabeth Maroon
Master Women 35-39 Vanessa Drigo
Master Women 40-44 Andi Smith
Master Women 45-49 Kim Wik
Master Women 50-54 Lorraine Jarvis
Master Women 55-59 Phyllis Olrich
Master Women 60-64 N/A
Master Women 65+ N/A

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