Tri-Valley Twilight Series Opens In Livermore

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In the meantime:

All levels are welcome to attend these events. We will warm up on the course by doing several laps. After about 15-20 minutes of warm up the pace will pick up and the race is on. Those who want to go hard can while the rest of us get to hang on until we can not If you get dropped, sit out for a lap and hop back in line. Just stay to the inside of the course as we come by and reintegrate on the back of the pack. As the pace quickens there will be a formation of a second group of chase riders. The idea is not to ride the course solo, but that you ride with a group. Therefore if you get dropped, stop and wait for the second wave to come back around and reintegrate with that group at the back of the pack.

The official start date and time is Tuesday June 2nd at 7pm (or the first Tuesday in June). On that day the night will go as follows. Warm up on the course by riding around for a few laps then gradually pick up the pace to max effort. Hang on if you can. The purpose of the night is to gain anaerobic capacity fitness and race tactics.

There is a guard that has been hired by the owner of the property (Wells Fargo) to make sure that vehicles do not drive or park on the streets after 7pm. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The gaurd's name is Bert, a very friendly Vietnamese gentleman. He said that it would be no problem if we showed up and rode our bikes on the course. However, if at any point in the event Bert feels as if he can not control the group, he will kick us out. Therefore I ask you, be respectful and courteous of his wishes, DO NOT DRIVE ON THE COURSE. For parking instruction and other rules please see below.

Several of us will be leaving Pleasanton by heading down Bernal around 6:20 pm turning left on Main Street and right on Neal the left on First and right on Vinyard out to Isabelle ave where we turn left. If you would like to hook up with us en route please plan accordingly.

Rules of the course.

Parking :: The designated parking area for the TTS on Tuesday Nights is located on W Jack London BLVD in Livermore. Please enter the parking area on the south side of the road. Drive down to the end of W Jack London Blvd. then hang a u-turn and park 500' west of Discovery Drive. Map

Courtesy :: No driving on the course, no peeing on the course, no littering on the course and DO NOT ENTER the course on Discovery Blvd.

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