Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix Thank Yous

In light of the weekend's tragedies, I've had a difficult time composing this post. It seems a bit trite to post thank yous about a race when we've lost two of our own. But knowing what I know of Matt and Kristy, I think the competitor in each of them would want us to go on living, riding, and racing.

So thank you, first of all to all of the 600 racers who competed at the Tri-Flow Menlo Park Grand Prix this weekend.

I would also like to thank Eric Petersen (Chief Ref) and his staff of crack officials: Melanie Petersen, Marc Franklin, Ryan Fu, and Tim Burgess.

This race wouldn't have been half as fun without the talent of Michael Hernandez on the microphone, adding a personal touch to each and every race, making everyone feel special and appreciated.

I'd also like to thank Jon Gallagher and Devon from Sports Base Events and Ken Hernandez from SBO.

And what would Menlo Park be without the dozens of lovely and charming Velo Girls volunteers -- thank you to each and every one. A special thanks go to our Registrar (Kim Natzel), Podium Coordinator (Dana Freedman), and Course Director (Hans de Roos).

I can't neglect to thank Katherine Hamilton and Lori Conley, our crack EMTs who were kept a bit too busy on Saturday, but handled each situation with compassion and expertise.

Results have been posted. I've asked that the DNS' be corrected for those of you who were pulled and placed or DNFd.

Photo sites are trickling in as well and can be found at

We will post top five and podium photos for each race on our website in the next day or two.

I have a bunch of lost and found items (armwarmers, bike computers, frame pump). If you lost something, shoot me an email and we'll return it to you.

I want to thank the Bay Area Women's Cycling Association for choosing Menlo Park as the first race of the BAWC series. I also want to thank Jess Rafael and Cycles Gladiators for including us in the Uninhibited Racer Series -- much fun!

And, of course, we have to thank all our fabulous sponsors, without whom this race wouldn't be possible:

I hope we'll see many of you at the River Road 4-person Team Time Trial on May 11th, and the Foster City Grand Prix on July 27th.


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