Tragedy at Hellyer Velodrome on Saturday

Cycling Community of Friends,

Gerry Jeffs took his wife, Paige and another woman friend of theirs to the track yesterday for the beginner session. Just after a flying 200 where his wife nipped her friend at the line...she did the inevitable for a beginner...she forgot to keep pedaling. Her bike flipped over and she went down hard. She was unconscious for at least 15 minutes on the track, go evacuated to a hospital that actually had just the right type of emergency personnel to take care of her. They performed surgery last night, took out a small section of her skull and also her brain. From what I understand from Gerry is that this portion of her brain was not something major but one never knows what lasting effect it may have on her future life. Last night the doctor didn't give her much of a chance at survival. Today, she is drugged out, obviously. However, all of her vital signs like BP, HR, etc. are really good! They just fed her as well as her body did suggest that she could now take in some nutrition. She is most definately not out of the woods yet but the progress is positive. Please, at the request of Gerry Jeffs, do not flood them with emails and phone calls. Each time Gerry has to re-live what he saw out on the track, the harder it is for him. If you want to send any encouragement, etc., you can do it through me until he can personally handle it.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Paige, Gerry and the rest of their family.


Alan Atha

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