track feedback sought

We changed one masters track championship event for 2007 - the team sprint
formerly had two groups of men: ages summing to 100-134 and 135+. We
changed that to individual age groupings for men of 30+ 40+ and 50+. This
is different from Masters Worlds, which still uses the sum of the ages.

This changes the event for masters somewhat - previously a 135+ team could
use a fast rider much younger than 45 by also using a somewhat older
rider. Now all riders will come from within the same age class.

I submitted this legislation at the request of Larry Nolan, although I
was personally in favor of it as well. I believe that after its passage I
got a couple of positive responses to the change. Recently a very
experienced master rider and sponsor of teams at the national level and
Masters Worlds was highly critical of the change, in part because of the
divergence from the structure at Worlds.

I would like any feedback possible on the change, to pass along to the
Board of Trustees discussion.

I'm posting this on the NCNCA email list and to the local forum. I am not
currently on the Hellyer list - if any discussion ensues there, I would
appreciate it being forwarded to me. Thanks.

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