Topsport Stage Race/March 27th and 28th Update.

Hi everyone, wanted to check in and give an update on the race. Due to the race being fairly early in the season and being a first year event it has been a work in progress dealing with the permits.

I'm happy to say We got a course change approved and now have a great circut/crit course replacing the first days road race stage. The loop will be 5.5 miles starting in the town square and exiting out onto the open(closed to traffic) roads for a rolling 5 miles before returning to the town and going through the town each lap in criterium style. The circut part of the course is a nice rolling terrain with perfect pavement on a divided section of road that we will be using both sides of. We made this course change because we felt it was not only an improvement in the course but also would provide a more spectator friendly event and increase the safety for the riders.

The other courses (TT and RR) are going unchanged and are great rolling courses that will tire the legs and hopefully cause some selection.

I would like to get everyones thoughts on the race up to this point, and also what do you think of the changes?

Did you know about the race?

Will you/will you not be attending and why?

Alot of effort went into putting this race on and I'm left scratching my head at the present registration numbers. I've raced the other stage race numerous times and felt like we needed more of these races, and a better quality event as well. I will be updating the site over the next couple of days with new GPS data and also I put together some video's (editing now) so that you can get an idea of the courses ahead of time.

We are in the process of adding some food and other vendors and a live band for saturday. Saturday at dusk the calaveras county Recreation Department is bringing out their inflatable big screen and we will be showing a cycling related movie also. Popcorn and drinks will be available and the coffee shop will be staying open late as well.

Please come out and support the race. I know myself and my team will be heading to Chico to support their new race in April as they are ours. Thanks.

Lee Shuemake

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