The TOC from the side of the road

Since it was only a couple of miles from my house I went to the top of South Pinehurst to watch Stage 2 of the TOC. There were probably a couple of hundred people at that location. A large group from the Berkeley and El Cerrito high school MTB racing teams at that location.

About a 1/2 hour before the start of the race the channel 5 helicopter was flying along the race course. They say the people gathered and the writing on the road so the copter took a lap around our summit location before heading to the start of the stage.

About 40 minutes before the race got to our location the Cliffbar vehicle came by tossing out goodies to the spectators right along the road.

It looked like the CHP motorcycle officers were having a blast getting to ride at high speed along the twisty roads on their motors well in advance of the race.

One of the CHP auto officers stopped and used his PA to let everyone know the status of the race and when we could expect to see the riders.

One non-race related car was driving down the road, in the race direction, just in front of the break. I bet that car driver freaked out when they saw several CHP motors and cars with lights flashing come up behind them.

We could follow the approach of the race by the 4 helicopters and one small plane constantly circling over pack.

All in all a fun day to be outside on a great day watching the race go by.

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