Is there a new "You Have to Chase" rule for free l

Merco seemed to be a crash fest, and i guess that's to be expected with left hand turns and a chicane. But what was most surprising, was the officials making folks chase to get back on after their free lap. The free lap is not really free, especially if you were involved in a crash and not a mechanical. But it didn't seem fair to have to chase a pack that's going 27 - 30 mph and you're starting from 0 mph. If the road was too narrow or too near the turn, why not move the neutral area back before the start/finish so riders could start picking up speed and at least get up to 15-20mph as the pack goes by to attempt to rejoin. I saw many riders held until the field was 10 meters up the road, before the official let go of the bike and the rider's in many instances were not successful in reattaching to the peleton. That didn't seem fair. What's up?

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