Thank you, Kristy

On behalf of the Cherry Pie Criterium and the Cycles Gladiator Wine Most Agg Rider Award, both of which were won by Kristy Gough on February 10, 2008 (along with three primes), I just have to say how devastating it was to hear about yesterday's dark news. I haven't heard many details yet, except that we also lost Matt Peterson of Roaring Mouse, a name I recognize from our local racing family.
I remember watching Kristy at Cherry Pie and thinking what an incredible talent she was, and sharing with the crowd on the mic my awe and wonder about how far she'd progress and how soon. And I remember loading her up with two bottles of wine, a pie, money and three primes after the race, and kidding her about having to take two trips to carry all her schwag.
She was modest and cute and extremely talented ... and I am very very sad this morning.

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