…until the Tactics! Tactics! Tactics! Clinic at Cal State University, East Bay, Saturday, June 28, 9am-2pm.

Beyond teaching a team focus…how many of you are on teams and want to be better at being at team?
Want to learn how the pro’s set up a ‘train’, taking their man/woman to the line/hill/corner? This is what it is all about. Bicycle racing is about being a team!
This is NOT just for teams, however. Sometimes your team just cannot come through with the plan. So, it takes you to realize what is going on within the peloton. Come out and learn how to use those teams to your own advantage! Individual racers can learn plenty at my clinic.
Come on out, have a positive attitude towards your learning and be a success! Oh yeah, based upon testimonials, you better have a good night’s sleep before coming out. This is not a lecture. It is hand’s-on tactical ‘scrimmage’ WORKOUT on the bike for the time allotted.

This clinic is also non-gender biased. Men/Women/Juniors...come on out. Don't let riding with the 'big boys'/girl's scare you away. You will actually become better racers by riding with racers who are stronger and more skillful than you are.

A current 2008 racing license is mandatory for this clinic. I will not accept a one-day license. I also give a TEAM DISCOUNT: Register 5 racers from your team and you can have an additional 3 members attend for FREE! (work the dollars out amongst yourselves). That comes to a very nice dollar vs. learning experience.
I also offer those coveted upgrade points: 5 to 4 = 5 race experiences, 4 to 3 = 3 race points, and for a category 3 to cat 2 = 3 race points!
To register: http://www.cyclingsystems.com and click on the clinics link at the top of the page.
The cost: $120 for the five-hour comprehensive tactical clinic
For further information please contact me at alan@cyclingsystems.com or call 415-328-1373.

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