Tam Hill Climb - Ridgecrest, prereg closing, etc

Just a few last-minute announcements about the Tam Hill Climb this weekend...

You may have seen that Ridgecrest is currently closed (we didn't, but thanks to Jeff T for letting us know). We've spoken with the State Park rangers and it will be opened for the race. They're doing striping and chip-sealing in the area, so we may have some announcements on race day if there are areas to watch out for. As far as we know it's not going to be a cross race, and Jesster, leave the cold patch at home! :lol:

Thursday is the last day to pre-reg and there are just 38 slots left before we hit our 450-racer cap. Most of the popular fields have been full for awhile. You can check to see if there's room in your field here. We'll have onsite reg too but will close it off once we hit 450. If you want to be assured a race slot you should prereg (that means you W123s!).

Like every year, I have to nag about center-line crossings which almost cost us both a life and the race. We know of two center line rule violations from last year, racers unknown but both from the same club (bad idea to pass a field including a CRC director, 400m from the start line!). We reduced the field sizes in response and will reduce them again if we have to, or just cut out the field entirely. So please don't do it and put the peer pressure on your fellow racers not to do it. And keep in mind it's all about the climb, Hwy 1 positioning means very little in a 50-person field.

OK enough of that. Yes, we have race-logo water bottles again for everyone who races (plus our volunteers too). Our way of saying thanks for coming out.

See you all on Saturday, the weather forecast looks perfect!


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