Tactics! Tactics! Tactics! Registration is OPEN

Are you entering the spring races with your team mates but each member of your team is racing their own race? Would you like to bring your team together to work out the strategies and tactics and have race results you can be proud of?
Register yourself and team mates for the Tactics! Tactics! Tactics! Clinic on Saturday, April 19 from 9am-2pm and put your brain and bike to work.
This is not a lecture. This is a very ‘hands-on’ clinics expertly designed by me to bring you to a higher level. You will not only address your physical skills and work on improving them but also the mental side that can take the game into another level entirely. You will be put to the test with various scrimmages that will sharpen your mental racing skills. You will learn why, when and how to attack. You will learn how to use your team mates to have an effective outcome to your team standings by creating a ‘train’. You will learn so much that it will not be just your body aching from the mini-races after this clinic. Your mind will also need a rest!

Read what some of your fellow NCNCA racers are saying:

“The scrimmages were a lot of fun and put into perspective the tactics that I read about but didn’t fully absorb until I actually tried them” TS

“Great clinic at Cal State East Bay, Alan. Best part is it was excellent info and super fun at the same time. All of Team Synergy-Taleo Racing loved it. In fact we put it to use in the Snelling 35+ 4/5's B Group race and got 2nd, 4th and 9th!!!!

Cheers mate! I highly recommend this clinic to any team (and go as a team). Plus the upgrade points are a nice bonus.” RM

You can register by going to http://www.cyclingsystems.com/clinics.html. The cost is $120 per person. A racing license is mandatory- no one-day licenses will be allowed. Directions and other information will be emailed to you after registration.

TEAM BONUS: Register 5 of your team and you can then bring 3 more at no cost! This is a great incentive to get your team thinking and racing as a TEAM. Individuals without a team are also encouraged to participate, as you can then learn how to use other teams to your own advantage!

Upgrade Points will also be awarded. See the website.

More information is on the Cycling Systems website or you can contact Alan Atha at 415-328-1373 or email alan@cyclingsystems.com.

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