Strange week for the rider Demographics

This is the first time I can remember then number of Cat 5s actually going down during the middle of the season. Last week we had 970 Cat 5s. I upgraded 20 Cat 5s but we only had 15 Cat 5s either renew or buy a new license last week. The end result is that the number of Cat 5s went down by 5 riders.

Overall we currently have 3261 licensed riders in the NCNCA territory. This is 14.4% ahead of last year at this time. Hopefully by next week we will exceed the number of full price adult USCF licenses we sold in the region in 2005. This means that NCNCA will start earning $15 per adult license sold instead of the normal $10.

Our junior numbers are running 34.4% ahead of last year at this time ( 174 total juniors). Cat 4 women are showing an increase of 11.7% compared to last year at this time and Cat 5 men are running 15.2% ahead of last year at this time.

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