Stop sign enforcement Grizzly & Claremont

Just passing this along for people who ride in the Berkeley Hills.

This is just an FYI, do with the info what you think is appropriate. The Oakland Police seem to be setting up a stop sign trap at the intersection os Fish Ranch and Grizzly Peak and Claremont Avenue (you know just down from the steam train in the Hills). Anyway, I saw a cop there ticketing a driver a couple of weeks ago while riding and again a few days later. I stopped and talked to him a bit and he told me that they were patrolling the area and that he was told to warn cyclists about the stop sign and if the watch Lt. told him to write tickets to cyclists that he would do so. (I stopped actually to ask him how they would write a cyclist a ticket if they had no id - his answer was pretty vague.) Anyway, I know a lot of roadies blow through the stop sign on the climb up to the steam train (or on the Claremont Ave. descent) so if you think it is appropriate to get the word out, there it is.

-Tim Boucher

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